The MG'M' Group The Club for MG Metro, Montego and Maestro Enthusiasts

The MG 'M' Group - a well-established and friendly club catering for the performance versions of the Metro, Maestro and Montego.

Recognised as an important force in the MG movement, the club is affiliated to the MG Owners' Club but is also independent and run for the enthusiasts by volunteers.

Maestro and Montego Owners Club

The club was founded in the late 1990s and is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of these two important yet often undervalued milestones in British motor industry history.

The club also has a friendly discussion board where technical questions can be answered.

Tickford Owners Club

Tickford Owners Club

The club was founded late 1994 and caters for members owning a Tickford Vehicle.


Maestro and Montego Owners Club Forum

Triple-M - A forum for Metro, Maestro and Montego Owners.

Rovertech - A forum which specialises in MG-Rover Modification. - A forum dedicated to all MG-Rover Cars.

Enthusiast Sites

Mike Brocks Supercharged Maestro - Covers Modification of the Maestro Turbo

Matthew Semples MG Maestro Site - Includes Pictures, History and much more

Martin Woods Turbo Site - Includes Maestro Turbo Collectables

Other British Car Sites

Rover 200 and 400 Mk2 Owners Club - A complete resource for the Rover 200/400 Mk2